Hi there! I'm Lina Ramona Vitkauskas.
The great poet, Walt Whitman once said, "I contain multitudes." 
I believe this nifty phrase is a gift from Uncle Walt to multi-talented, creative-types like myself so that we may use it when speaking to potential employers and clients instead of:
"Uh, I do a lot of different stuff." 
That said, know this: at the heart of everything I do, I'm a writer first. And not just any 'ole creative writer. 
I'm chockfull of great ideas, of course, BUT I'm also able to think strategically for my clients. Throughout my career, in fact, my creativity and "strategery" has earned me gigs with companies and people who sought fresh approaches to marketing, re-branding help, or fundraising expertise.
My clients span a wide variety of industries and niches including: CPG, Retail, Health/Wellness, Education, Nonprofit, Politics, Automotive, Hardware, and Film (to name a few).
other fun facts about me
I direct cinepoems (some of which have won international awards...yea!)
These "multitudes" have taught me how to best help my clients by thoughtfully supporting them, and most importantly, getting them the results they seek.
• Certified in Content Strategy (Northwestern University)
• Certified in Inbound Marketing (HubSpot)
• TESOL-certified (if you need help with non-native speaking audiences)
• Video pre-production & scriptwriting experience (I've hung a green-screen or two in my day)
• Global citizen, global perspective (I’m part-Canadian & have EU-Lithuanian citizenship so I make a mean borscht, eh?)

See? I contain multitudes.
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