Hi! I'm Lina Ramona Vitkauskas. 
As a global citizen (Canadian-American-Lithuanian), I'm naturally curious. I like to think I'm always evolving, so I strive to learn something new each day. The only constant is change.
I seek answers—knowing full-well that there are always more questions to ask. 
I like to keep my sense of wonder close in my approach to work (and in and my life, very human of me, I know).
I do not kill or crush anything. I experience things. I practice empathy. I also have a good sense of humour and a sharp memory of obscure 70s-80s pop culture references. 
What I do: I’m a creative with many interests and sides. I’m mainly a strategist, UX writer, and wannabe graphic designer and photographer. I'm also an activist and a poet/videopoet, so it’s fitting that I find great solace and truth in the words of Walt Whitman, who once said, "I contain multitudes." 
For my marketing and UX content strategy/design clients, I carry over my perpetual curiosity by leaning heavily on research and data. Facts fascinate me—as they should everyone. Opinions are, well, everyone has one.
My experience spans various industries and niches including: 
• Education, Nonprofit
• Politics
• Automotive
• Retail
• Health/Wellness
• Film start-ups
• Ride-share start-ups
• Hardware
Throughout my career, I've helped clients:
• tell their story with impact
• leverage data-driven marketing approaches
• keep their brand true to their roots while pivoting as the landscape constantly shifts

Here's some creative and activist work I do:

Here's some stuff I know:
• UXcel Accessibility Training (2022)
• UX Design Microcredential (OCAD, 2022)
• Digital Marketing 101 (Digital Assembly, 2020)
• Content Strategy Certification (Coursera via Northwestern University, 2017)
• Inbound Marketing Certification (HubSpot, 2016)
• TESOL-certified (for non-native speaking audiences)
• Video pre-production & scriptwriting experience ​​​​​​​
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